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One of the massive challenges you will face with lead generation is incorrect and useless data. Low quality leads have less chance of converting into sales leads. These leads tend to have a bounce rate up to 40% on your email campaign or you get personal data, which is either wrong or outdated. Email Verifier

Thanks to this email verifier tool made by you can turn any web-platform you are browsing through into a rich lead source. This is just one tool of many that provides. Besides generating leads with the email finder tool, you can enrich them by removing invalid and abandoned email addresses from your bulk email list. offers a high quality and comprehensive extension for lead generation, which not only validates emails in bulk, but also does it on the fly, while you are surfing through your targeted websites.

It’s an Email Verifier Chrome Extension, which you can get from the Chrome Web Store completely free.

Now, let’s go into more detail about what makes email verifier tool, such a great deal for email marketing.

Two services, one platform.

Well, as we mentioned above, offers multiple services at once. The Email Verifier tool is great on its own but in combination  with the Email Finder tool, you can see its full potential.

Previously you had to use different services to find and validate lead data. Now, you can simply get the extension, find the website and either upload the whole list to your account or validate it right in your extension’s window.

This helps you not waste resources on multiple third party solutions. Moreover, it’s way easier to work in a robust ecosystem, that offers a great variety of tools for lead generation and enriching.  

Diverse free and paid plans

You are wondering if it’s worth the money? offers an  amazing free plan with 200 free emails to verify and an additional 200 free emails each month.

A lot of companies put certain restrictions on their services, preventing you from using all of the available features. Not, even though you are on a free plan, you will get access to everything has to offer.

The paid plans offer a fair price tag, starting from 19$/1,000 emails per month up to 139$/50,000. often offers discounts on their paid plans, don’t forget to check for them. In addition, if you pay annually you will get 10% discount, as well as the 15% discount if you pay with SNOV tokens.

Highly accurate results  

Email verification isn’t a 100% solution for validating email addresses. Sometimes you might get a bounced email, but the question is how often is it going to happen? Bounced emails are a real problem for any marketer, because the emails won’t reach the recipient.

Also, high bounce rates can lead to suspension of your account if it is too high. The normal bounce rate is considered to be around 10-15%. pushes this rate down to 9%, achieving the lowest possible bounce rate.

To spice things up, goes into more details about the email address you just verified. You can hover over the verifier indicator and see all the details about the validated email address. It can contain information like:

  • Valid or invalid email address
  • Valid or invalid format
  • If domain is disposable
  • Is it a freemail
  • Does it look gibberish

Fast verification process

Speed and accuracy are two things to consider in the email verifying process. A perfect balance between two of them distinguishes the service. The email verifier cleans thousands of email addresses within minutes and guarantees a competitive speed in comparison with other validation services.

It doesn’t matter how bulk your email list is,’s Email Verifier will go through the whole list thoroughly and validate everything effortlessly. applies the fastest speed not only at the programme level, but with the user interface too. Most email verifiers ask you to go to their platform to validate emails that you’ve got. With you just go to a website you want to get leads from, click on the extension…and boom, everything is extracted and verified right in the extension window. Such an approach gives the best user experience possible. API

The Email Verifying tool is also available as a simple REST API, which will help you improve your process of lead generation. This is a robust and secure solution, if you want to integrate this feature into your platform.

To use this API you need to generate an access token to authenticate for a request. Your API User ID and API Secret for access token generation can be found in your account dashboard.

Final thoughts is a simple and robust tool for validating either small email lists or bulk one. It offers a user friendly interface, which is intuitive and easy to navigate through.

Extension gives you more opportunities for interacting with the service. You can either upload your whole list of emails in your account and verify or verify them while you are browsing the web. This is a great feature for fast and lazy lead generation. manages to balance between speed and accuracy, mot leaning towards either sides. This creates a unique experience of fast, but accurate tool, that gives you a verified list of email list in bulk within a short period of time.

Before using a tool or a service you want to try it out and then give a solid opinion on it. To get the full experience service must offer all the features available to their customer. email verifier is the case. Free 200 emails upon sign up, 200 per month and all features, can we even ask for more?

But, the main feature of email verifier is its integration with other services in ecosystem. Email verifier works in a perfect union with email finder service, thus allowing you to extract and validate data with one click.

The only way to find out, if it’s the right tool that you need is to try out yourself!

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  1. Sheejo George

    Snov is a great tool for scraping email address. Now finding Emails and leads for business become very much easy.
    I have also used few similar free bulk email verifier tools like AeroLeads, leopathu, and Xverifier these helped me a lot for running a healthy business email campaign.

  2. ALI

    Snovio is the great tool but I found more cost-effective.


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