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Looking for Best Mail Merge Software? We have compiled a list of best Mail Merge software that can help you easily send personalized emails. These Mail Merge software will help you save thousands of dollars that are spent on email marketing services.

Nowadays, email communication has relegated snail mail to oblivion. With the emergence of the age of marketing, it became necessary to send mass emails about product promotions, campaigns, and related offers to customers, and prospective clients. Email marketing is still in vogue and is a very efficient and cheap way to market your products and services on a mass scale to customers.

It’s a no-no to send unsolicited emails. Mail Merge software can be used for some other tasks such as to send personalized emails, sending an important communication to clients. Let us examine the best Mail Merge software to send personalized mass emails.

Let us examine best Mail Merge software to send personalized mass emails.

MixMax – Mail Merge has never been this easy

How this Mail Merge Software works:-

Add recipients and personalized data:
Upload a .csv of your recipients with columns of personalized data. We’ll turn these columns into variables you can use in your message. You can include up to 300 recipients.

Customize your message:
Compose your message with variables as placeholders to personalize your message. When you send your message, Mixmax automatically fills in the variables with the data you uploaded.

Integrated with Gmail and Google Inbox:
We send your customized emails directly from your Gmail or Google Inbox account, so that your emails end up in the Primary tab in Gmail, unlike other mass emailing tools.


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Contact Monkey – Gmail Mail Merge

How this Mail Merge Software works:

If you’re familiar with Gmail’s web interface, using Gmail Mail Merge will be a breeze. Here are the steps involved to create, send and evaluate your Gmail Mail Merges.

1. Launch Gmail Mail Merge software

It’s super easy to start Gmail Mail Merge. Just click the new MAIL MERGE button in Gmail’s interface:

Gmail mail merge

2. Create Your Email & Personalize

When you’re happy with the list of recipients, it’s time to create and personalize your email.

Now you can type your email like you normally do. The only difference is now you can personalize the email. For example, if you want to include the recipient’s first name in every email, then click on the orange box in the right-hand corner of the window to find and select the first name field. Once you select it, the field name will be added to your clipboard; from there, you can paste it into your email. In this case the field name is {{first_name}}. If some of your contacts don’t have a first name, you can specify a default value to be used like this – {{first_name:: there}}.

Note: Your mail merge will be sent individually to each recipient. Therefore they won’t be able to see who else was copied on the email.

3. Send Your Email Now or Schedule it for Later

Once your email is written and personalized, you’re ready to either send it now or schedule it to be sent at a later time. If you click Send Later, you can pick an exact day/time when the email should be sent. It will remain in your new ContactMonkey Mail Merge label until that time. You can continue to edit the email until it’s sent.

4. Track Email Opens and Link Clicks

Once your Gmail Mail Merge has been sent I’m sure you would love to know who opened the email and which people clicked on your links! Luckily it’s super easy. Your new sidebar on the right side of Gmail will show you who has most recently opened your email. You will even be able to see how many times it has been opened and where. You will also get real-time desktop notifications informing you the moment someone opens your email or clicks on a link. That way you can pounce on the phone and close the deal!


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Streak  – Mass Mail Using Gmail

How this Mail Merge Software works:

Craft Effective Sales Messages:

Mail Merge is the fastest way to contact a large number of people with a customized, personal message. Address recipients by name, include relevant details specific to each person and maximize your messaging.

Quickly Update Users on Support Issues:

Hiccups happen to everyone from time to time. When bad luck strikes, you need to update customers quickly. Send one personal, helpful email to everyone affected by a particular issue.

Pull Data From Email:

Use the information you’ve already created about your contacts to create simple Mail Merges.

Import Data From CSV:

Easily turn an offline spreadsheet into a Mass Mail.

Send By Group:

Add a specific grouping of similar contacts with one click. Or, add all contacts in just one click.

Specify Individual Contacts:

Exercise maximum control by individually selecting contacts. Or, select a larger group and easily exclude specific contacts.

Standard Variables Ready to Use

Mail Merge comes ready to personalize your emails by name, email, and other options specific to the context of your message.

Custom Inserts

Use any field within your Streak database or a CSV import as an opportunity to customize your message.


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Yesware  – Save Time, Scale Your Email Productivity with Mail Merge for Gmail

How this Mail Merge Software works:

Scale your effort:

Set up a series of emails to send to prospects over time from your Gmail or Outlook inbox.


Send relevant emails to everyone on your list. Personalization placeholders fill in specific details.


Yesware automatically tracks every follow-up email in your Mail Merge campaign and syncs it all the Salesforce. See open, click, reply, and bounce rates.

Follow-ups send as a reply

Each follow-up email sends as a reply to your previous automated email. So your recipients see the context of your communication, and you’re free from having to search your Sent folder.

Upload a list of recipients

Mail merge makes it quick & easy to tie a list of recipients to your follow-up email campaign. You can import from a .csv or pull in contacts right from Salesforce.

You control the send schedule

Want to send your follow-up email two days after your initial email, to anyone who doesn’t reply? No problem — it’s up to you when your next email sends, and at what time.


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I hope this helps you. Stay tuned much more software yet to come.
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